Monday, December 10, 2012

The Epiphany 2013 Term of the School for Diakonia of the Diocese of New Westminster

Re: Epiphany Term 2013 of the School for Diakonia
One of the challenges of the Christian life is navigating the waters between what the Scriptures say and what the Scriptures mean.  This is a skill that is not only for the ordained, but for all people who take the Scriptures seriously and want to understand them more deeply.
The Epiphany Term 2013 of the School for Diakonia will be offering DBS101 “From Text to Sermon:  An Introduction to Biblical Exegesis”.  The course is designed for applicants and candidates for the diaconate, but it is open to any one, lay or ordained, who wants to dive into these waters with other courageous swimmers.
The Seminar will meet on three Saturdays from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. at Saint Faith’s Anglican Church, 7284 Cypress Street, Vancouver BC (57th and Cypress), accessible by the #16 bus route or by any Granville Street route.  We will meet on the 26th of January, the 23rd of February and the 23rd of March.  Bring your lunch, your Bible(s) and a copy of Hayes and Holladay, Biblical Exegesis:  An Beginner’s Handbook 3rd edition (available both in print and electronically).
The Seminar fee is $150 payable by cheque to ‘The Unit for Deacons’.  The Seminar fee does not include the cost of the required text.  Limited co-pay bursary funds are available upon request.
For more information and to register contact Dr Leggett at or by telephone at 604.266.8011.

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