Saturday, February 10, 2018

Liturgical Planning for Lent & Holy Week: Parts 1 & 2

Dear Friends,

I posted 'Part 1:  The Proper Readings and Prayers for Lent and Holy Week' earlier, but here are the links again for those who have not yet seen them ---

Part 1 in .docx.

Part 1 in .pdf.

I have now added 'Part 2:  Gathering Rite, Penitential Texts, Fraction Anthems, Blessings and Dismissals'.  Here are the links ---

Part 2 in .docx.

Part 2 in .pdf.

There will be two more parts posted by Monday at the latest:  Part 3 'Eucharistic Prayers' and Part 4 'Morning and Evening Prayer for Lent and Holy Week'.

With blessings as Lent approaches.


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