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The Summer 2013 Issue is now available!
What Is Common about Common Prayer?
Richard Geoffrey Leggett, guest editor
Editor's Notes
Ellen K. Wondra

Myth or Reality? An Introduction to Common Prayer
Richard Geoffrey Leggett


Christian Initiation in the Anglican Communion
John W. B. Hill and
Rowena J. Roppelt
Text, Shape, and Communion: What Unites Us When Nothing's the Same Anymore?
Ron Dowling 

The Daily Offices in the Prayer Book Tradition
Paul F. Bradshaw


Common Prayer: A View from North of the 49th Parallel
Richard Geoffrey Leggett
Initiation in Aimai(Ambiguity): A Cultural Perspective from Japan
Shintaro David Ichihara

Common Worship in the Church of England: Of the Braiding of Many Bridges There is No End
Priscilla White
Anamnesis in the Lakota Language and Lakota Concepts of Time and Matter
Paul Sneve
Saint Paul's Chapel in New York City: A Case Study
Marilyn Haskel, Jacob Slichter, and Clay Morris
An Ordo of Liturgical Consultation: The International Anglican Liturgical Consultations in 2013
J. Eileen Scully
Future Directions in Liturgical Development
Sylvia Sweeney

Deborah J. Shore
Yet Another
Marjorie Maddox

Don Thompson
Samson, Old
Jack Hernandez

Choosing Matthias
Warren Meredith Harris

The Baby's Lost Finger
Andrew Hudgins

Now and at the Hour of Our Death
Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

Adam Named All the Animals
Bryne Lewis

Evolving Toward the Fall
David Middleton

Sheryl Slocum 

Arnfríður Guðmundsdóttir,Meeting God on the Cross: Christ, the Cross, and the Feminist Critique
reviewed by 
Jodi L. A. Belcher
Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion
reviewed by 
William Fraatz
Craig Hovey, Bearing True Witness: Truthfulness in Christian Practice
reviewed by 
John W. Wright
Robert Davis Hughes III,Beloved Dust: Tides of the Spirit in the Christian Life 
reviewed by 
Jared C. Cramer
Philip C. Kolin, Reading God's Handwriting: Poems
reviewed by 
Barbara Wuest
Adam Kotsko, The Politics of Redemption: The Social Logic of Salvation
reviewed by 
Nathan Crawford
Michael Lapsley, SSM,Redeeming the Past:
My Journey from Freedom Fighter to Healer
reviewed by 
Jesse Zink
Kimberly Bracken Long, The Eucharistic Theology
of the American Holy Fairs
reviewed by 
Lester Ruth
Peter W. Martens, Origen and Scripture: The Contours of the Exegetical Life
reviewed by 
Edmee Kingsmill, SLG
Ephraim Radner, A Brutal Unity: The Spiritual Politics of the Christian Church
reviewed by 
Dustin Resch
Thomas P. Rausch,Eschatology, Liturgy, and Christology: Toward Recovering an Eschatological Imagination
reviewed by 
Richard R. Topping
Rainer Maria Rilke,
trans. Mark S. Burrows, 
Prayers of a Young Poet
reviewed by 
Kevin Hart
J. Denny Weaver, The Nonviolent Atonement
Derek Flood, Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision
of Grace, Justice, and the Cross
reviewed by 
Charles Hefling
Rowan Williams, The Lion's World: A Journey into the Heart of Narnia
reviewed by 
Robert MacSwain

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Deacon Vicki K. Black

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"What Is Common about Common Prayer?"
Summer 2013 Issue Available Now
"It is a thing plainly repugnant to the Word of God, and the custom of the Primitive Church to have public Prayer in the Church, or to minister the Sacraments, in a tongue not understanded of the people." The twenty-fourth Article of Religion has been a constant touchstone in the Anglican tradition of common prayer, perhaps particularly when it has not been entirely clear what that "language" ought to be. Coverdale or Authorized Version? 1928 or 1979? English or Maori or both?

To consider the language (broadly understood) of the Book of Common Prayer is to raise the questions of inculturation and indigenization: theEllen Wondra newextent to which the worship and the life of the church should be adapted to the cultures and times in which they take place. Anglicans pride themselves on the Prayer Book and its ability to serve not only the worthy praise of God but also the connection of Christ's body across a global communion. Yet given the multiplicity of prayer books, rituals, and music--each "understanded of the people" in a particular place but not in all places--there is another question that complements those regarding enculturation: "What is common about common prayer?"

In the Summer issue of the ATR guest editor Richard Geoffrey Leggetthas drawn together a variety of articles to address that question. Three of these are contributions to the more theoretical aspects of liturgical studies considering the rites of initiation, the eucharist, and the daily offices. The other seven look at particular aspects of the critical interface between scholarship and practice, and do so from a number of different contexts, from Canada and Japan to England and New York, while also exploring the experience of liturgical language in Lakota communities and international consultations.

I am most grateful to Richard for the thought and work he has given to this issue. I am also grateful to the various authors of these essays, each of whom has been generous with expertise and reflection about a subject that always will be important to Anglicans. I hope you find their work as interesting and provocative as I do.
-- Ellen K. Wondra
Editor in Chief
Poetry Prize logo
Poetry Prize Winner Chosen
"Purging" by Deborah J. Shore

deborah shore 
The ATR is happy to announce the winner of the 2013 Poetry Prize. Chosen from nearly four hundred submissions, the winning poem is "Purging" by Deborah J. Shore, and it leads the Poetry section in the Summer 2013 issue of theATR. Shore's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Radix, Crab Orchard Review, Christianity and Literature, and other journals. In addition, she has published articles in religious magazines and Sunday school curricula, and she is currently working on two books of scripture teaching. Deborah lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. 
Two poems were selected as runners-up in the competition: "The Good Thief" by Jenn Cavanaugh and "Connecticut Storm" by Nikolus S. Cook. These poems will be included in Roger Ferlo's essay on the Poetry Prize in the Fall 2013 issue of the ATR.
News from Around the World
letters from friends in the Overseas Subscription Fund  
and Seminaries Abroad Gift Program

Dear Jackie and the ATR team,

mauritius churchThank you for your positive email. I am deeply indebted to you for your generosity in providing complimentary copies of the ATRfor those who can't afford a subscription. I am an ordained clergy from the Diocese of Mauritius and I am planning on furthering my studies. I have been reading the ATR during my seminary days regularly and have been greatly helped by the articles and book reviews throughout my studies and I value greatly the two copies of ATR that I bought once at a library sale in Toronto. I will surely use the ATR at the Training Centre of our Diocese to help others to the journey of Theology.
Thanking you, in Christ
The Revd. Kevin David
Saint Andrew's Church, Quatre Bornes
Republic of Mauritius

Ms. Jacqueline B. Winter,

We warmly thank you very much for sending us the Anglican Theological Review. We really need and use this precious Review. The Articles but also the numerous Book Reviews help us very much to hear about new and important publications.

romania 2We are probably the only one Library in Romania which receive your ATR and many students and scholars of theology in Sibiu use it constantly. I am also very glad we receive it. I am the new librarian of the Ecumenical Research Institute. The Director of the Institute, Prof. Stefan Tobler, will write you also a letter next week, when he comes back from Tubingen.

With many thanks and respect for your enriching work,
Alexandru Ionita
Centrul de Cercetare Ecumenica Sibiu

Dear Jacqueline B. Winter,

As the Librarian of Talua Ministry Training Centre, I am grateful to acknowledge with gratitude and much appreciation, the generous gift of the Anglican Theological Review. We have been receiving the journal for many years as a gift, therefore on behalf of my principal Pastor Fiama Rakau and the College, I say thank you so much. Anglican Theological Review Journal is certainly an invaluable addition to our theological journal collection, and an academic resource for our students and staff.

Thank you, and best wishes,
Cindy Vanuaroro, Head Librarian
Don Lewis Pacific Partnership Library
Talua Ministry Training Centre
Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu


If you would like to join with the dozens of sponsors who give ATRsubscriptions to seminaries, clergy and faculty members, and libraries around the world, visit our website pages on the Seminaries Abroad Gift Program (SAGP) and Overseas Subscription Fund (OSF).

People and Places

Dwight N. Hopkins, Professor of Theology and Director of MA Studies in the Divinity School at the University of Chicago, is the co-editor for 
The Cambridge Companion to Black Theology, which was recently published by Cambridge University Press.
eileen scully 
Eileen Scully chaired a meeting of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation in Dublin from July 29 to August 3. The theme for the meeting was rites relating to healing and reconciliation. 

peter eaton
Peter EatonDean of Saint John's Cathedral, Denver, has just finished essays for the new series
Feasting on the Gospels, and is also working on a chapter on Anglican-Orthodox traditions for a new history of Anglicanism to be published by Oxford University Press.  He is also preparing a new translation of John Chrysostom's treatise On the Priesthood.

nation with the soul 
The latest book by O. C. Edwards, Jr.A Nation with the Soul of a Church: How Christian Proclamation Has Shaped American History, will be published this month by Praeger. In the book he examines the sermons that have shaped American history from the Massachusetts Bay Colony to the Obama administration

sofia starnesThe ATR's Poetry Editor,Sofia Starnes, was awarded a Doctor of Letters degree (honoris causa) from Union College in Kentucky in May for her role as an advocate for poetry and as a mentor of poets. In early August, Starnes was the Featured Poet at the annual Virginia Highlands Festival for creative writing and poetry in Abingdon, Virginia, where in addition to giving two seminars on poetry, she presented a poetry reading at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski traveled to Milwaukee in June to serve as a consultant at the meeting of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, as it continues its work on Holy Women, Holy Men and as it 
Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoskiresponds to the 2009 General Convention resolution to develop resources to address the issue of anti-Judaism in the liturgy and worship of the church. He is also serving as Director of CDSP's Anglican Immersion program, which is designed to serve their low residence Certificate of Anglican Studies students and continuing education students, and is teaching "The Anglican Tradition" for the program. In addition, Joslyn-Siemiatkoski will serve as interim Dean of Academic Affairs at CDSP while Professor Ruth Meyers is on a greatly deserved sabbatical for the Fall 2013 semester.
Richard Leggett 2
Richard Geoffrey Leggett addressed the first Joint Assembly of the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in July. During this historic occasion, the churches passed a "Joint Declaration on Affordable Housing and Responsible Resource Extraction," affirmed the work of the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission, and called for the appointment of a new Commission to continue this work. Leggett has completed twenty-one years of national service on the Joint Commission and its predecessor bodies. 

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