Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Thought from a Small Boat in the Midst of a Stormy Sea: Reflections on Matthew 14.22-33

Dear Friends,

I offer no sermon text today only this thought already posted on my Facebook page.

But you can listen to my sermon as preached at the 10.00 Eucharist on Sunday the 13th
by clicking here.

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As I ponder events occurring not just south of the Canadian border but all over the world, I think that our planet is in the grip of a theology of scarcity. In a climate of scarcity we fall prey to fear and to greed. Whether it's access to goods and services or perceived loss of prestige and privilege or whatever form scarcity takes, self-interest overcomes our commitment to the common good.

In moments such as these it is incumbent upon leaders to appeal to 'the better angels of our nature'. Our shared global crisis is a dearth of political, social and cultural leaders who are both appealing to and embodying these better angels.

I ask all my friends, whether 'conservative' or 'liberal', 'traditional' or 'progressive', of your charity to join me in both prayer and witness to a theology of abundance that generates hope and generosity.

No doubt some may think this a naive request on my part. But witnessing to hope and generosity is costly and requires speaking truth to power, confronting evil no matter who perpetrates it, choosing self-giving rather than self-interest.

We are all sailing on turbulent waters and Jesus bids us leave the safety of our boats to walk on the waves with him. We have had, have and will have moments of doubt but these moments will pass if we hold firm to our hope that God is working the divine purposes and embrace a generosity of goods and spirit that embodies God's generosity to us.

For the earth shall be filled with the glory of God as surely as the waters cover the seas.

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